Free-Roam VR Field Trips

Skip the School Bus

Skip the
School Bus

Upload Your Class to Their Next Field Trip

Upload Your Class to Their Next Field Trip

Turn any classroom or gym into a portal to the bottom of the ocean, outer space, or the center of the earth with a free-roam, VR field trip.

Curriculum Aligned
In-School, Expert-Led
Collaborative & Interactive
Improved Learning + Better Retention

VR = Unforgettable Learning.

Virtual reality creates an immersive and interactive learning environment, allowing kids to experience and explore learning concepts in a more engaging and memorable way.

More Memorable
VR engages multiple senses, providing an immersive experience that simulates real-life situations.
Higher Engagement
VR provides interactive and stimulating experiences that capture students' attention.
More Exciting
VR provides a 3D and immersive environment that allows students to explore.
Encourages Collaboration
VR provides a shared and interactive virtual space that allows learners to work
How VR Field Trips Work

Any Gym, Any Classroom,
Any Reality

Adventure Portal trips turn any open space into a curriculum-enhancing portal to the most immersive learning experiences imaginable.

Cross-Curricular VR Learning Experiences

Curriculum That Fits Your Class.

Our VR Experiences are cross-curricular & specially tailored to follow Alberta’s local curriculum for grades 4-6, making our field trips buildable and relevant.

Earth Sciences
Water Cycles & Weather

Grab clouds, explore waterways, and learn what makes Earth's water cycle revolve.

Space & Technology
Space Exploration

Explore the depths of space, throw asteroids at your friends, and play hide-and-seek with the stars.

Earth Sciences
Environments & Ecosystems

See how landscape, waterways, and the climate all work together to create the ecosystems around us.

Experience A New Dimension of Education

How it Works

Our expert-led field trips come right to your school, turning any classroom or gymnasium into an educational portal to another world.

35+ Students
Share a single, exciting free-roam experience.
1 - 2 Periods
Trips designed to suit your schools schedule.
Adventures made to support and enhance your lessons.
Fully taught by our attentive, fun Adventure Guides.